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Table 2 Receiving safe care

From: “I just have to take it” – patient safety in acute care: perspectives and experiences of patients with chronic kidney disease

Subthemes Participant comments
Sharing a room with patients on isolation “Sometimes they put people in gowns and [they] have these things that shouldn’t be transmitted to other people. They put them in with people that don’t have that and they, they say that’s a good enough divide.” (P21)
Roommates perceived to be threatening “Yeah, like the people they put me in a room here, the last time I was in the hospital they put me in a room with a guy that wasn’t all there and it scared me … finally I made myself get up … and went to sleep in those chairs over there.” (P5)
Lack of cleanliness “It’s not very clean in here for being a hospital … how can you get good, safe health when the insides of the rooms look like hell.” (P6)
Other patients and visitors … Like after dark I won’t go outside out here. Unless I have somebody with me or whatever. Cause there’s too much riffraff...” (P18, family member)