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Table 1 Phases of the study and data collected

From: Evaluating the design and implementation of the whole systems integrated care programme in North West London: why commissioning proved (again) to be the weakest link

Phase Main research tasks Data collected
Phase 1 – February to June 2014
Describing, understanding and assessing the context and processes of WSIC
(Objectives 1&2)
Assess co-design of the programme Research co-design workshop (re overall objectives and approach)
30 × 1-h interviews
Involvement of stakeholders in co-design Observation field notes of 60 hrs of meetings or workshops
Analysis of programme documentation including WSIC toolkit
Review of UK and international literature on integrated care and commissioning
Feedback workshop with WSIC stakeholders re initial findings
Phase 2 – July 2014 to April 2015
Tracking progress of 9 EA schemes and in-depth case studies of 4 EAs, plus ongoing programme-level monitoring of context
(Objectives 3&4)
Development and early implementation of EAs Research co-design workshop with EA and WSIC stakeholders (re case study approach and selection)
16 × 1 h interviews at pan-NWL level
27 × 1-h interviews in case study EAs
Field notes of 60 hrs of meeting observations both in EA case studies and at pan-NWL level
Continued analysis of programme documentation
On-line survey of members of EA steering committees
On-line survey of all GP practices in NWL
Feedback workshop with EAs re survey and other data initial findings
Progress made towards WSIC objectives Synthesis by research team of all data
Comparison of conclusions with WSIC plans
Feedback workshop with WSIC core leadership team to share draft report themes and framework
Feedback workshop with WSIC stakeholders to share final draft report