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Table 4 ICD and CPT codes used in identifying preventive services use

From: The impact of travel time on colorectal cancer stage at diagnosis in a privately insured population

ICD code-9 and 10 Description CPT code Description
V700 General medical examination, routine medical examination at health care facility 99,386 initial preventive medicine new patient 40-64 yrs
V708 General med. Exam., other specified general medical examinations 99,396 periodic preventive med established patient 40-64 yrs
V709 General med. Exam., unspecified general medical examination   
Z0000 Encounter for general adult medical examination   
Z008 Encounter for other general exam   
V7231 Routine gynecological examination   
V7232 Pap smear confirmation   
Z0141 Encounter for routine gynecological examination   
Z01411 Encounter for routine gynecological examination with abnormal findings   
Z01419 Encounter for routine gynecological examination, no abnormal findings   
Z0142 Confirms pap smear test