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Table 1 Document Review Framework

From: A critical account of the policy context shaping perinatal survival in Nepal: policy tension of socio-cultural versus a medical approach

Key areas Review questions
1. The document • Purpose (what is the main purpose of the document?)
• Type of document (is it a policy/strategy/planning document? Progress/assessment report? Training/guideline?
• Focus on newborn or stillbirth or both (does it mention newborn, perinatal care explicitly?)
• Geographic focus (what type of geographic area is the key focus of the document--National? Topography specific? Development region?)
2. Document development • Process (what led to the formulation of this document? Why was the need felt to formulate this document?)
• Developers (which department, section formulated it?)
• Stakeholders (who were the stakeholders involved?)
3. Values, definitions and language • Social or Medical focus (what is the key focus of the policy?)
• Key perspective/approach in deciding to reach perinatal care (right based, woman-centered, gender, etc.)
• Equity groups (have they targeted vulnerable groups or disadvantaged groups e.g. teenage mothers, scheduled castes/indigenous and ethnic minorities?)
4. Health outcomes and health access • Prevention of stillbirths
• Prevention of neonatal deaths
• Access to care during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, delivery, postpartum period
5. Strategies for action • The strategies in providing perinatal and neonatal care such as at home, in community, and in health facility
• Care across the continuum from pre-pregnancy to postpartum
• Integration of perinatal and neonatal care with maternity and child survival and other interventions
• Inter-sectoral collaboration, collaboration across departments
• Other government departments and agencies involved such as UN, bi-lateral agencies, INGOs
• Specific target groups
  1. Source: Adapted from Newman [53], Newman [54] Walt and Gilson [15]