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Table 2 Population, location, exposure table, summarising search terms used during the systematic search of online databases

From: Understanding how, why, for whom, and under what circumstances opt-out blood-borne virus testing programmes work to increase test engagement and uptake within prison: a rapid-realist review

Population Location Exposure
• Prisoner*
• Offender*
• Convict*
• Detainee*
• Inmate*
• Incarcerated
• Prison*
• Gaol*
• Jail*
• Penal institution*
• Correction* or penal or remand* or detention or custody) adj2 (centre or department or facility* or system*)
• Penitent*
• Mass screen*
• (Mandatory or systematic or routine or compulsory or obligatory) adj (test* or screen* or diagnos* or identif* or assess)
• Opt-out
• Opt* out
  1. Word root searching (denoted using the symbol “*”) was frequently used to find variant forms of a single word