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Table 4 Quotes per insurance/OOP expenses issue that was discussed during consultations

From: Discussing patients’ insurance and out-of-pocket expenses during GPs’ consultations

Insurance/OOP expenses issue Quote
Current voluntary health insurance P.: “Do you happen to know how this works with the insurance?” GP: “Yes, it depends somewhat on what kind of insurance cover you have. Are you insured for physiotherapy in your supplementary insurance?” (P. 25, woman)
Reimbursement of costs of treatment/diagnostics: referral needed P.: “They do have a contract with [insurer name] don’t they?” GP: “I believe they both have” P.: “[provider name] did not appear on the list.” (P. 73, woman)
Reimbursement of costs of treatment/diagnostics: no referral needed P.: “The referral date should be for the first occasion” GP: “And you have already been there yesterday” P.: “Yes, no one told me that. I did not know that you changed… You need to have a referral from your GP first” GP: “If you want it reimbursed. If you say that you wish to visit a psychologist, but that you’ll pay for it yourself, then I don’t need to get involved further.” (P. 52, woman)
Reimbursement of medication GP: “I am not sure if [medication name] will be reimbursed.” (P. 38, woman)
Reimbursement medical aid P.: “I needed a referral” GP: “[provider name]” Partner p.: “She had had a wheelchair for several days” P.: “When I fell” GP: “And you needed a referral?” P.: “Yes I needed a referral because otherwise I don’t get it reimbursed by my insurance.” (P. 62, woman)
Deductibles GP: “I shall print a form for a one-off cholesterol and glucose blood test. And a test for kidney function at the same time too. And this will be, I’m afraid, be part of your cost of care that you pay for yourself, your deductible.” (P. 67, man)