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Table 2 Challenges to attendance of Intensive adherence Counselling sessions, as perceived by the caregivers

From: Challenges faced by caregivers of virally non-suppressed children on the intensive adherence counselling program in Uganda: a qualitative study

Theme Subtheme Number of respondentsa
Individual challenges Fear of death of the child 5/37
Competing Priorities 20/37
Discouragement 4/37
No perceived value of sessions 10/37
Logistics 20/37
Health System Issues Poor quality of counselling 15/37
Long queues at the counsellor’s station 18/37
Unfavourable appointments for school going children 23/37
Lack of reminders to the caregivers 6/37
Early closure of counselling services at the facility 9/37
  1. aSome participants gave multiple responses