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Table 3 Example of coding process

From: Exploring adolescents and young people’s candidacy for utilising health services in a rural district, South Africa

Meaning unit Code Subcategory Category
I would say young people take longer to go to the clinic…they may be sick with the virus [HIV] and not know until they get too sick and are forced to [go to] the health facility… Community member, 58 years Delay to seek health care Health utilisation Young people’s lives
They only go to the clinic if they are forced to, like for example, if they are pregnant. They then have to go to the clinic and when they do it is like they are compelled to do a blood test. Community member 43 years Delay to seek health care Challenges Young people’s lives
It [poverty] affects females a lot because you find that if one does not have an ID [identification document], she would end up living with a guy because he provides everything for her. Female exit interview, 22 years Unemployment and poverty Challenges Community characteristics
AYP do not want to access their HIV treatment at the clinic because they will be seen… It is because people who are HIV-positive have pride and they fear that they will become a subject of gossip ‘that you see that proud person, he is infected’… They [patients at the local health facility]] are also identified by files, [colour coding system used for patient files]. The file for a minor sickness, and HIV-positive person are [coded] differently… GD females 18–24 years Stigma, HIV Challenges Health characteristics