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Table 2 Sections and information included in the evaluated oncofertility decision support resources

From: An evaluation of oncofertility decision support resources among breast cancer patients and health care providers

Decision Support Resources
Sections and Information
Decision Aids Patient Educational Materials
Australian Decision Aid Netherlands Decision Aid Sunnybrook Option Grid LIVESTRONG Booklet LIVESTRONG FB Option Tool MyOncofertility (now SaveMyFertility)
Background Information Explanation of female fertility
Explanation of female infertility
General factors that affect fertility
Role of health care provider
Fertility Options Before Treatment Wait and see
Egg freezing
Embryo freezing
Ovarian tissue freezing
Ovarian suppression
Ovarian transposition
Ovarian shielding
Fertility-sparing surgery (e.g., Trachelectomy)
In vitro maturation
Parenthood Options After Treatment No more children
Egg donation
Embryo donation
Foster parenting
Natural conception/ Fertility testing
Information on Cancer/ Support Cancer diagnosis
Cancer therapies
Possible fertility outcomes after cancer or cancer therapies
Cancer/ therapies and impact on fertility
Cancer/ therapies and pregnancy or lactation
Effects on family, children, and relationships
Psychosocial concerns
Other Sections Values clarification method
Personal stories
Health care provider directed questions
Sources for more information
Notes section
Length of the resource 66 pages (2011)
37 pages (2016)
5 chapters, 26 information pages 1 page 11 pages
(6 pages female specific)
2 website pages, dropdown option grid for each option presented 5 chapters, 47 questions for females (patient section)
  1. Abbreviations: FB family-building