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Table 3 The effect of 10 promotional tools on physicians’ prescribing patterns

From: Pharmaceutical marketing strategies’ influence on physicians' prescribing pattern in Lebanon: ethics, gifts, and samples

  Professional’s prescribing behavior
Shifting drug prescription from one company to another if both were generic Changing clinical practice after attending conferences and meetings
Pharmaceutical marketing strategies Asymptotic significance (2-sided)
P value
Visits of medical representatives .366 .149
Sales calls made by pharmaceutical companies 0.000 0.001
Drug samples 0.001 0.201
Promotional drug brochures 0.004 0.000
Medical equipment as gifts 0.004 0.078
Branded pen/ magnet/ mouse pad as gifts 0.004 0.011
Sponsorship for travel/ expenses in conferences/ sponsorship for personal tour 0.000 0.000
Direct mail 0.000 0.000
Subscription of journals 0.062 0.013
Participation by the company in continuing medical education conferences 0.000 0.000
  1. Source: Survey