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Table 1 Summary of the studies that have addressed the impact of different pharmaceutical marketing strategies in developing middle-eastern countries

From: Pharmaceutical marketing strategies’ influence on physicians' prescribing pattern in Lebanon: ethics, gifts, and samples

Authors Site Pharmaceutical marketing tool Findings Year
[7] Yemen Medical representatives The majority of the physicians had positive interactions with medical representatives 2013
[51] Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha, Libya Medical representatives Cultivate subconscious commercial or conflict of interest relationships with prescribers 2013
[52] Jordan Gifts There is a statistically significant effect of pharmaceutical companies’gifts on the doctors’prescribing behavior 2013
[53] Baghdad, Iraq Medical representatives, gifts, medical conferences and meetings Acceptance of various types of gifts and it influences physician prescribing pattern and results in early adoption to prescribe newly medications 2014
[10] Lebanon Not defined 9% unnecessary medication prescription 2015
[41] Lebanon Pharmaceutical company representatives Negatively impacting drug prescription and dispensing practices 2017
Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable yet Not applicable yet 2017–2018
  1. Source: Author’s elaboration based on data published in the literature review exploring the research objectives