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Table 1 Overview of the outreach of the outreach approaches and uptake of PCC

From: The effect of a preconception care outreach strategy: the Healthy Pregnancy 4 All study

Intervention Outreach Uptake
Outreach approach Number of municipalities that adopted the approach Number reached by the approach Number of PCC applications indicating this approacha
Municipal letters 7/10 110,199 letters 338
GP letters 10/10 21,930 letters 95
Child healthcare leaflets 8/10 unknown no. of leaflets 6
Peer health education 7/10 147 sessions; 1796 participants 1
  1. Uptake was registered between February 2013 and the end of December 2014, following the implementation of a outreach approach per municipality
  2. aDoes not count up to the total number of 587 PCC applications due to missing data, overlap and other reported approaches