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Table 1 Questionnaire items which were the focus of the study

From: What do patients really want? An in-depth examination of patient experience in four Australian hospitals

Press Ganey number and questionnaire item St Vincent’s corresponding prioritised theme
I3. Degree to which hospital staff addressed your emotional and spiritual needs 1.Address emotional and spiritual needs
H1. Extent to which you felt prepared/ready to be discharged 2.Prepared you for discharge
I10. How was the communication/coordination between staff looking after you?
E3. Communication between the doctor and nurses regarding your care
3.Communication between all staff
I6. Staff efforts to involve you in decision making about your care and treatment 4.Include patient in decisions about treatment
G4. Extent to which staff involved your family or caregiver in decision making 5.Involve family in decision making
G5. Extent to which staff communicated with your family or caregiver 6.Staff communicated with your family
I4. Response to any patient concerns and/or complaints made during your stay 7.Response to concerns/complaints