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Table 1 Package of services available under NPCDCS at various levels of health care [26]

From: Challenges in primary care for diabetes and hypertension: an observational study of the Kolar district in rural India

Level of health care in the system Staff that should be available at this level of health care according to guidelines Package of services under NPCDCS
Sub-Centre One auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM)
One male health worker [40]
1) Health promotion
2) ‘Opportunistic’ screening for diabetes and hypertension
3) Referral of suspected cases to CHC
Primary Health Centre (PHC) One medical officer, three nurses, midwife, health worker, pharmacist, lab technician [25] 1) Health promotion
2) ‘Opportunistic’ screening for diabetes and hypertension
3) Clinical diagnosis and treatment of simple cases of hypertension and diabetes
4) Referral of cases with suspected diabetes or hypertension for confirmation to CHC
Community Health Centre (CHC) Medical superintendent, five speciality doctors, one duty officer, 10 staff nurses, one pharmacist
One medical officer, one nurse, one counsellor [41]
1) Prevention and health promotion
2) Early diagnosis
3) Management of common CVDs, diabetes, and stroke
4) Referral of difficult cases to District Hospital
District Hospital 18 speciality doctors, 11 medical officers, 45 staff nurses, 6 lab technicians, 4 pharmacists
One general physician, two nurses, one technician, one physiotherapist, one counsellor, and one data entry operator [42]
1) Early diagnosis of diabetes, CVDs, and cancer
2) Medical management of cases (outpatient, inpatient, and intensive care)
3) Referral of difficult cases to higher health care facility
4) Health promotion
5) Rehabilitation and physiotherapy services
  1. CVDs cardiovascular diseases