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Table 1 The 15 UHEP packages implemented in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015

From: Urban health extension program model housing and household visits improved the utilization of health Services in Urban Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study Type of packages Packages of the UHEP
1 Disease prevention and control 1. HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis control
2. Malaria prevention and control
3. First aid and emergency measures
2 Family health 1. Maternal and child health
2. Family planning
3. Immunization
4. Nutrition
5. Adolescent reproductive health
3 Hygiene and environmental sanitation 1. Excreta disposal
2. Solid and liquid waste disposal
3. Water supply and safety measures
4. Food hygiene and safety measures
5. Healthy housing
6. Control of insects and rodents
7. Personal hygiene