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Table 2 Focus group schedule

From: How do pharmacists in English general practices identify their impact? An exploratory qualitative study of measurement problems

Intro (setting the stage) Questions Closing
Each facilitator to introduce themselves
Re-iterate purpose of the focus group
Go over how the focus group will work, including reminder that session will be recorded
Get participants to sign the consent form (with demographic details: registration year, years in general practice, role)
Do you have any questions before we start?
Looking at the national Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are you happy with them? Why and which ones are you not happy with?
List of local KPIs: what do you think of these?
Are there any additional KPIs that you think would be useful in your own scope of practice?
With the KPIs we have agreed upon, what codes do we need to look at for each KPI? (go over each KPI, get an agreement on codes from the list provided and then move on to the next KPI)
Can you give me an example of that?
You mentioned …………… Would you tell me more about this?
Can you explain that a bit more?
Can you be a bit more specific about that?
Finalise any points about KPIs and codes
Ask if any final questions
Let people know how helpful they have been
Make them aware of how they can reach researchers if they have any questions or additional thoughts