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Table 1 Description of group activities

From: Systems modelling as an approach for understanding and building consensus on non-communicable diseases (NCD) management in Cambodia

Public Agenda Team’s Activity
 Introduction and Overview Background
Purpose of the GMB conference
 Hopes and Fears Introduction of stakeholders
Distribution of coloured sheets for writing hopes and fears
Stakeholders are asked to share hopes and fears
Facilitator collects the sheets and cluster on the wall
 Concept Model-SD Intro Draw bathtub with faucet and drain. Use it to explain stock and flow
Introduce simple model of resource allocation for chronic disease prevention and treatment
Focus on structure and behaviour relationship
 Variable Elicitation Elicit variables: distribute coloured sheets for writing problem-related variables
Cluster the variables on board
Vote to prioritise the variables
 Reference Mode Elicitation Stakeholders are paired to draw behaviour over time graphs of important variables
Use separate sheets for each variable
Stakeholders share their reference modes with the stories—facilitator probes for clarification
 Structure Elicitation Selection of initial stocks for model development
Facilitator asks stakeholders to identify the variables that changes the stocks
Facilitator continually probes about nature of causal relationships
After adding couple of causal links, facilitator summarises by telling a story embedded in the model
 Review Model structure Overview of model structure
 Simulation demonstration The stock and flow model developed in day 1 is translated into a calculation model
The facilitator explains the model to stakeholders and go over few equations
Run the model for stakeholders to observe the behaviour of some of the key outcome variables
Engage stakeholders to suggest changes to model structure and possible future additions
 Elicitation of policy options Facilitator introduces a list of policy options from literature review
Discuss with stakeholders to select policy options to be included in the model
 Exploration of policy options Test selected policies on the calculation model
 Debriefing session To discuss insights from the workshop and the next steps of the project