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Table 6 Responses Related to Face Validity in Study 1

From: Measuring patient and family perceptions of team processes and outcomes in healthcare teams: questionnaire development and psychometric evaluation

   n %
The time it took to complete the questionnaire was Appropriate 242 96.7
Too long 7 2.8
Too short 1 0.4
Overall, the instructions contained in the consent were: Clear 218 89
Not clear 26 11
Are there any questions NOT included in this questionnaire that you feel would be important to include to better understand how teams function No 204 85
Yes 35 15
Are there questions you feel are unimportant, irrelevant, or redundant and could be eliminated from the questionnaire without jeopardizing completeness of the study results? No 202 85
Yes 36 15
The format of the questionnaire was Easy to Read 227 95
Difficult to read 12 5
The font size made the questionnaire Easy to Read 231 97
Difficult to read 6 3
The questions were ordered in a logical manner that was easy to follow Agree 236 99
Disagree 3 1