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Table 1 Preliminary Items Related to Healthcare Team Processes and Outcomes in Study 1

From: Measuring patient and family perceptions of team processes and outcomes in healthcare teams: questionnaire development and psychometric evaluation

Role clarity There is a lot of overlap between the roles of members of my healthcare team
I am happy with the way work is divided in the team
Boundary work Team members do not trust other members of the healthcare team
Perceptions of team effectiveness My healthcare team is effective to provide healthcare
Team members provide relevant information to help me make decisions about my healthcare
The plan of care and care objectives are clearly outlined in my chart
The notes in my health record are up to date
The flow of information between team members and patients and families is constrained
Team members work together to solve patient care issues
Team members work in isolation (in silos)
My ideas, information or observations are valued by members of my healthcare team
Differences of opinion among team members are respected
My role in the team is not important
Working with families to solve patient care issues is not part of the team’s mandate
Outcome of Care Patient care is delivered in a timely manner
Potential or actual complications are dealt with quickly by the team
I return home with as many unanswered questions about my medication
After I have given my permission, all relevant information is available in my health record if I need to consult another healthcare provider or if I change units when I am hospitalized
I return home with all my questions answered about my care