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Table 1 Quality criteria and thresholds of acceptability for measurement properties (adapted from Wilberforce et al., 2016)

From: How is patient involvement measured in patient centeredness scales for health professionals? A systematic review of their measurement properties and content

Measurement property Rating Threshold for acceptability
Internal consistency: overall scale + Cronbach alpha >.70 and < .95
  Cronbach alpha <.70 and > .95
Internal consistency: sub-scales + Cronbach alpha >.70 and < .95
  Cronbach alpha <.70 and > .95
Reliability + Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC) > .70 OR Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (r) > .80
  ICC < .70 OR r < .80
Content validity + Assessed in target population that items are a complete representation of concept under measurement and that all items are relevant
  Questionnaire is incomplete OR contains irrelevant items
Structural validity + Factors explain 50% of variance
  Factors explain less than 50% of variance
Cross-cultural validity + Original factor structure confirmed OR no differential item functioning
  Original factor structure not confirmed OR important differential item functioning observed