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Table 2 Direct and indirect activities

From: A prospective investigation of direct and indirect home care activities in three rural Norwegian municipalities

Group Activity M1 M2 M3 Total
Direct care Direct 5110 5859 6728 17,697
Indirect care Drive 5935 6111 7000 19,046
Adm 1107 999 1341 3447
Report 659 578 1202 2439
Teach 20 20 44 84
Docu 1680 402 692 2774
Drug 179 127 251 557
Total 14,690 14,096 17,258 46,044
  1. i) “Drive” refers to driving or walking to/from the patients, including driving associated with food deliveries to the patients; (ii) “Adm” refers to administration, such as staff meetings, communication with other health providers, designing care plans, case management, tasks that involve other departments (e.g., the lab), and planning and support activities; (iii) “Report” refers to oral reports made between shifts; (iv) “Docu” refers to documentation, such as writing individual reports for a patient after each visit or other incidents; (v) “Drug” refers to preparing dispensers with medication for individual patients; and (vi) “Teach” refers to education, including teaching and training at the department level and external courses