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Table 5 Theoretical Frameworks in selected papers

From: Presenteeism exposures and outcomes amongst hospital doctors and nurses: a systematic review

Individual Frameworks Publications Work Psychosocial frameworks Publications
Sickness Flexibility Model (Johansson 2007) Dellve 2011 Derived from Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model (Bakker 2000) Demerouti 2009
Presenteeism as Health-Driven Economic Burden Model (McGinni 2002) Warren 2011 The dynamic model of presenteeism and absenteeism (Johns 2010) Martinez 2012
Role-stress theory (Kahn et al. 1964) Effort–recovery (E-R) model Boumans 2014 JD-R model Vandenbroeck 2017
Theory of Stress and Coping (Lazarus) Umann 2014   
Derived from challenge stressor-hindrance stressor framework (Lepine 2005, Podsakoff 2007) Yang 2017