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Table 2 Search terms by category

From: Effects of mixed provider payment systems and aligned cost sharing practices on expenditure growth management, efficiency, and equity: a structured review of the literature

Domain Search terms
1. Purchasing “strategic purchasing”
“active purchasing”
2. Provider payment “provider payment”
“blended payment”
“bundled payment”
“value-based purchasing”
“results based financing”
“pay for performance”
3. Cost sharing “cost sharing”
“benefit package design”
“benefit design”
“referral rules”
4. Demand-supply alignment demand
“multiple payers”
5. Chronic conditions “noncommunicable disease”
“non-communicable disease”
“chronic disease”
“disease management”
6. Primary health care “primary health care”
“primary care”
“primary prevention”
7. Integrated care “integrated care delivery”
“integrated care management”
“care integration”
“integrated care”
“continuum of care”
“provider network”
“systems integration”
“delivery of health care, integrated”
“health delivery” AND “integration”
  1. Note: Search terms within domains were combined using “OR”, and domains 1–4 were combined with other domains using “AND”