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Table 5 Total QI Projects, Change Ideas and Care Domain Associated High Impact Themes

From: Successful implementation of a combined learning collaborative and mentoring intervention to improve neonatal quality of care in rural Rwanda

  Antenatal Carea Delivery Care Postnatal Care
N (%) QI Projectsb 23 (44%) 17 (33%) 12 (23%)
N (%) Change Ideasc 74 (63%) 32 (27%) 12 (10%)
Change package associate themes
 Integration of services
 Teamwork & communication
 Mentorship & Clinical Teaching
 Data utilization
 Importance of leadership  
 Essential equipment  
  1. a Check mark indicates theme coded focus group debrief
  2. b QI Project: Goal set for improvement in targeted care area
  3. cChange Idea: Specific intervention planned to achieve QI Project goal