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Table 2 Rules for Determining Change Package Inclusion

From: Successful implementation of a combined learning collaborative and mentoring intervention to improve neonatal quality of care in rural Rwanda

Rule 1: All QI projects (which may contain multiple change ideas) demonstrating significant, positive pre/post mean change are included in the change package.
RULE 2: All QI projects that do not have data available for pre/post mean analysis (small ‘n’ or rare occurrence) but were identified through the priority matrix and subsequently verified by focus groups as important change ideas are included in the change package.
RULE 3: QI projects which were identified by the priority matrix and focus group as high impact, but quantitative data is available and does not demonstrate impact are excluded from the change package.
RULE 4: If there are QI projects (ANC, postnatal, delivery) that contain multiple change ideas, implemented simultaneously and leading to improvement in a core indicator, then qualitative data was used to determine the relative merits of the different change ideas introduced. If a given change idea was identified by focus group participants as low impact then this idea is excluded from the change package.