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Table 1 ABC Learning Collaborative Core Indicators

From: Successful implementation of a combined learning collaborative and mentoring intervention to improve neonatal quality of care in rural Rwanda

Care Domain ABC Learning Collaborative Indicators Data Source
Antenatal care Percent of women completing four standard antenatal care visits (ANC) HMISa
Delivery Number of babies with birth asphyxia HMIS
Percent of preterm births in which women received antenatal steroids non-HMIS
Percent of prolonged rupture of membranes in which women received antibiotics non-HMIS
Percent of births at which a skilled birth attendant was available HMIS
Time to cesarean section (hospital only) non-HMIS
Postnatal care Percent of infants receiving immediate skin-to-skin HMIS
Percent of infants checked for danger signs within 24 h of delivery HMIS
  1. a HMIS Health Management Information System