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Table 1 Interview guide for post-implementation and sustainability interview

From: The Sustain and Spread Framework: strategies for sustaining and spreading nutrition care improvements in acute care based on thematic analysis from the More-2-Eat study

Post-Implementation Interview Questions Sustainability Interview Questions
What changes happened over the past year and did it impact:
Your practice? The practice of your staff?
- What was done day-to-day?
- The norm of care on the unit?
If no change noticed, why not?
What was the impact of these changes on patient care?
What and who supported these changes? How?
What else would you like to change?
Did you receive any nutrition education, and if so, when, what type, delivered by whom?
What were the main factors that influenced implementation?
What could have been done differently to improve nutrition care?
How do you plan to sustain the successful changes?
What should be included in a toolkit to help other hospitals starting to improve nutrition care?
Do you have any advice for other hospitals starting to improve nutrition care?
Do you think nutrition care is still important on the study unit? In the hospital?
Do you think the changes made to improve patient care are part of the routine? How do you know? How did you encourage them to be part of the routine?
What happened to the implementation team after More-2-Eat ended? What was the impact?
What strategies did you use to maintain focus on nutrition after the year of improvements? Which strategies were effective? Not effective?
Did anyone continue to collect data to monitor progress after the end of official data collection? If so, what did you collect? How? Who saw the results?
Did you take advantage of any new or existing opportunities to spread nutrition throughout your hospital?
Do you think the champion role was sustained? How did it change?
How did you continue to engage with stakeholders?
What are your goals and next steps?
Do you have any advice for other hospitals starting to improve nutrition care?
  1. Note: not all questions were asked of all participants