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Table 3 Abortion Methods

From: Contraception and abortion knowledge, attitudes and practices among adolescents from low and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Method Reference
Pain medication, Sedatives, Anesthesia, Antibiotics (2,10,17,21)
Chlorine, White Quinine, (2,15,17,20,21)
Roots (cassava- cyanide), Aloe Vera, Castor oil, Ashes (2,10,14)
Ground tobacco, salt water & sugar solutions, parsley oil, (15)
Laxative, brandy, and other drinks (15)
Andrew liver salt, hot pepper salt (14)
Physical removal (with cassava root), chilli, or pawpaw (2,14,17)
Curetting / D&C, physical charms (4,13,20,15)
Boiled beer, tea, Fanta, coca cola (2,14)
Washing powder/soap (2,15,21)
Crushed bottles, battery acid, methylated spirit (2)