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Table 4 Process elements of structured clinical observations on 30 primary eye care (PEC) nurses in their usual workplace

From: Process evaluation of a National Primary Eye Care Programme in Rwanda

Observation element Percent
 Eye record book and referral forms 76.7
 Eye examination protocol/checklist (proforma for examination) 43.3
 Rope (to measure correct distance for VA testing) 83.3
 Visual acuity chart 96.7
 String (to measure correct distance for reading vision test) 76.7
 Reading chart 93.3
 Pinhole 93.3
 Torch 70.0
 Reading glasses (for treatment) 100
 Adjustable glasses 93.3
 Eye dressings 6.7
 Eye pad and cotton buds 3.3
 Tape 80.0
 Gloves 10.0
 Antibiotic eyedrops 93.3
 Anti-allergy eye drops 73.3
 Flowchart (management algorithm) 66.7
 History taken in accordance to PEC curriculum 93.3
Eye examination
 Good communication and explanation prior to examination/test 93.3
 Observations of eyes made 96.7
 Distance visual acuity test procedure explained 86.7
 Effective communication with patient 93.3
 Correct distance applied for distance VA 100
 Appropriate lighting conditions for distance VA test 93.3
 One eye covered well for distance VA test 93.3
 Correct VA recorded for distance test 90.0
 Pinhole test offered for correct patient 90.0
 VA related diagnosis correct 96.7
 Explanation of near VA test offered 90.0
 Effective communication for near VA test 95.2
 Correct distance for near VA test 93.3
 Appropriate lighting conditions for near VA test 100
 Correct VA recorded for near test 96.7
 Correct diagnosis for near test 96.7
 Correct management plan 96.7
 Correct glasses offered 100.0
 Correct eyedrops offered (n = 13) 84.6
 Instructions provided with correct eyedrops (n = 13) 69.2
 Consultations resulting in significant error (examination results, diagnosis or management of patient) 6.7
  1. VA visual acuity