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Table 3 Pragmatic Interview Terms

From: Operationalizing the ‘pragmatic’ measures construct using a stakeholder feedback and a multi-method approach

Domain (Synonym) Dimension Antonym
accessible easily understood by client requires an explanation to be understood or responded to
accessible language language is clear wordy
allows an organization to readily assess progress over time a   
believed in it   
can be done over the phone   
can be extracted from EMRs   
clinical/client progress a   
connect to outcomes a   
conveys information to help people understand where they are in the system a   
cost less than $1.00/measure costly
don’t have to be an expert can be given to someone else to follow through requires an additional set of skills or expertise to utilize it
   requires a huge amount of training
easy to use   burdensome
feasible   interrupts daily work flow or productivity
fits within the sphere and scope of activities that are done by an organization   structures their work
further them in the discussion about their symptom a   
further them in the discussion about what it is they want to work on a   
further them in the discussion about why they are seeking treatment a   
gives suggestive decisions about next clinical step a   
important to clinical care explain and utilize measure in session not relevant to treatment
  part of routine clinical work  
  not for quality improvement only  
informs decision making a   
meaningful   tedious
measurable specific for a given time frame  
natural output of clinical work and quality improvement activities   mimics their work
provides suggestions for clinicians about adherence or fidelity a   
results help reduce people from going to higher level of care a   
sensitive to change   
short less than 15 min long
   time consuming
successfully measures things for you that are not working a   
tells you what clinical interventions work for certain types of behaviors a   
thought out   unrefined
tied to reimbursement   
transparent transparent up and down a system subjective
useful results reliable and valid results  
uses an easy scale   
valuable to the clinical process a   
works for context   
  1. aDenotes terms that are related to an ‘actionable’ feature