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Table 1 Validated questionnaire items of the PCAT-Mw

From: Quality of primary care from patients’ perspective: a cross sectional study of outpatients’ experience in public health facilities in rural Malawi

First contact access (3 items)
 1. When this HC is closed on Saturday and Sunday and you get sick, would someone from here see you the same day?
 2. When the HC is closed and you get sick during the night, would someone from here see you that night?
 3. Is there a complaints / suggestion box at this HC?
Communication continuity of care (4 items)
 1. Is the staff friendly and approachable?
 2. Do you think the staff at this HC understands what you say or ask?
 3. Are your questions answered in a way that you understand?
 4. Does this HC give you enough time to talk about your problems or worries?
Relational continuity of care (4 items)
 1. Does this HC know you very well as a person, rather than as someone with a medical problem?
 2. Does this HC know who lives with you?
 3. Does this HC know your complete medical history?
 4. Does this HC know about your work or employment?
Coordination (3 items)
 1. Does this HC know what the results of the visit were?
 2. After you went to the specialist or hospital, did this HC talk with you about what happened at that visit?
 3. Does this HC seem interested in the quality of care that you get from that specialist or hospital?
Comprehensiveness of services available (6 items)
 1. Checking hearing
 2. Dental check-up – checking and cleaning your teeth
 3. Treatment by dental therapist eg extraction of bad teeth
 4. Counseling for mental health problems
 5. Plastering of fractures
 6. Treatment of ingrown toe nails or removing part of a nail
Comprehensiveness of services provided (6 items)
 1. Advice on wearing reflectors when walking on the road at night
 2. How to prevent hot burns
 3. Advice about appropriate exercise for you
 4. Advice on how to prevent accidental falls
 5. Ways to handle family conflict; arguments; disagreements (that may arise from time to time)
 6. Possible exposure to harmful substances in your home, at work or in your area e.g. paraffin; pesticides?
Community orientation (3 items)
 1. Do you think this HC knows about the important health problems of your area?
 2. Does this HC get opinions and ideas from people or organizations with knowledge to help provide better health  care? E.g. the local health committee, churches, other organizations?
 3. Does this HC do surveys of patients to see if services are meeting the needs of the people?