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Table 4 Summary of findings

From: Healthcare utilization and cost trajectories post-stroke: role of caregiver and stroke factors

Independent Factors HEALTHCARE SERVICE
Utilization Cost
Acute Outpatient Acute Outpatient
Quarters (Q1 to Q4)a NS NS
Caregiver (present vs none)a NAd NAd NAd
Stroke factors
 Physical disability (mRS)
Severe (vs Mild)
NAd NAd SSb,c NAd NAd NAd NAd
 Stroke severity (NIHSS)
Severe & moderate (vs mild)
NAd NAd NAd SSa NAd NAd SSb,c
 Stroke type (ischemic vs non-ischemic) NAd NAd NAd SSa NAd NAd SSb,c
  1. decreasing trend, ↑  increasing trend, NS non-significant, NA not applicable, SS statistically significant, IN inpatient, ED emergency department, SOC specialist outpatient clinic, PC primary care, mRS modified Rankin Scale, NIHSS National Institute of Health Stroke Scale
  2. abased on Model 2
  3. bbased on Model 3
  4. cinteraction of covariate with the quarter variable in the final model is statistically significant
  5. dthe covariate did not enter the final model