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Table 3 Problems identified during action learning sessions

From: Using an action learning methodology to develop skills of health managers: experiences from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

 How can I solve the problem of unethical behaviour of nursing staff in the neonatal nursery?
 How can I reduce the high rate of absenteeism of staff in our maternity?
 How can I ensure that the maternity department including nursery is well staffed day and night?
Administration and day-to-day running of the neonatal nursery
 How can I ensure that the kitchen is utilised for dishing out food instead of dishing in the middle of the ward?
 How can I ensure that nursery records are stored safely and accessible?
 How can I prevent contaminated expressed breast milk being left in the fridge?
 How can I deal with incubators that are not working in the neonatal nursery?
 How can I ensure that I get proper equipment for administering and monitoring intravenous fluids in the nursery?
 How can I get a − 40 degrees’ fridge (for vaccines)?
Infrastructure issues
 How can I ensure that there is a functioning heating system in our units to prevent hypothermia in our nursery?
 How can I motivate for a boarder mother facility?
Clinical care
 How can I initiate nasal CPAP in the neonatal nursery?
 How can I prevent the increase in caesarean sections in the hospital?
 How can I improve resuscitation skills in maternity?
 How can I get doctors to comply with the neonatal protocols?
 How can I ensure the correct people are on the selection committee for choosing staff members who will go for training?
Research and community education
 How can I explore the issue of babies born outside of the hospital?
 How can I influence the community and traditional healers to understand the dangers associated with the use of traditional medicines during pregnancy?
 How can I explore possibilities for external funding for the boarder mothers facility?