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Table 2 Interventions monitored by effective coverage with their related components

From: Effective coverage as a new approach to health system performance assessment: a scoping review

No Author Year Country Monitored intervention Need assessment strategy Use assessment strategy Quality assessment strategy Intervention selection criteria
1 Gakidou E. et al [12] 2006 Mexico Skilled birth attendance
Care of premature neonates
Acute respiratory infections treatment in children
Hypertension treatment
National Health Surveys
Administrated data
National Health Surveys
Administrated data
hospital discharge data
Risk-adjusted outcome
Content of care
(Not exactly mentioned)
Availability of data for 2000 and 2005–06 comparison
2 Lozano R. et al 2006 Mexico Antenatal care
Skilled birth attendance
Services delivered to premature babies
Treatment of acute respiratory infections in children
Treatment of vision disorders
Glycemic control in diabetes
Treatment of hypertension
Treatment of hypercholesterolemia
Self-reported diagnoses from household surveys
Health Surveys
Risk-adjusted outcome
Content of care
Projected impact on the burden of disease, affordability, potential impact on health disparities, and ability to extrapolate from these interventions to other interventions
Data availability
3 Liu Y. et al. [22] 2008 china Hypertension treatment National Health Survey self-reporting Household Surveys self-reporting Biomarkers
Physical examination included measurement of blood pressure
China’s major health problems
Data availability
4 Gakidou E. et al. [29] 2008 57 Countries Cervical cancer screening Normative eligible women aged 25 to 64 World Health Surveys self-reporting Self-reporting
World Health Surveys
Second most common cancer in women and a leading cause of mortality worldwide
5 Idzerda L. et al. [34] 2011 Serbia Acute respiratory infection treatment Normative children less than five years Household Surveys self-reporting of receiving medication Biomarkers a lab test confirming the presence of ARI before antibiotics are prescribed and again after the treatment course confirming that the ARI has been resolved. leading cause of death in children under 5 years old in Serbia
6 Martínez S. et al. [11] 2011 Latin American countries a) Child Health
b) Women’s Health
Prenatal control
Childbirth care by qualified personnel
Cervical cancer screening
Breast cancer screening
c) Adult Health (Chronic Diseases)
Treatment of hypertension
Treatment of diabetes
Treatment of hypercholesterolemia
Standard, Single symptom or multiple symptoms, Biomarkers or Performance tests Household surveys self-reports on care
Administrative data
records of interventions, drug inventory, Biomarkers
Biomarkers, Self-report, Process measures, Rates of mortality Availability of data
7 López-López E. et al. [31] 2012 Mexico Type 2 diabetes actions National
Health Surveys
Administrative Data records of the diabetes control program records of the diabetes control program High occurrence and prevalence rate
8 Randive BB et al. [35] 2013 India Institutional deliveries
(caesarean section rate as a proxy)
Administrative data
District caesarean section rates
Administrative Data
Population-level estimates of ID and caesarean section proportions
This fraction was multiplied by the ID proportion to give an effective coverage High maternal mortality ratio
9 Colson KE. et al. [26] 2013 Mexico Measles immunization Normative children aged 12–23 months Household Surveys self-reporting Biomarkers
Seroconversion blood spot samples
10 Viviescas-Vargas DP. et al. [30] 2013 Mexico Primary care services for the management of domestic violence against women household surveys based on questionnaire Household Survey self-reporting household surveys High prevalence rate
11 Colson KE. et al. [25] 2015 Mexico and Nicaragua Measles Immunization Normative children aged 12 to 23 months Household Survey caregiver recall
Administrative Data child health cards
Biomarkers dried blood spots (DBS) serological methods Vulnerability to imported cases and outbreaks in both countries
12 Engle-Stone R. et al 2015 Cameroon Programs to control vitamin A deficiency Normative women 15–49 years
children 6–59 months
National Health Surveys Biomarkers
Prevalence of inadequate VA intake at “baseline coverage” as the proportion of the population that has inadequate intake at baseline and then “achieves sufficiency” as a result of a given intervention or set of interventions.
Prioritizing and coordinating micronutrient intervention programs
Deficiencies in micronutrients contribute to excessive morbidity and mortality of young children globally
13 Travassos MA. et al. [24] 2016 Ethiopia Immunization tetanus Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) Normative children aged 12–23 or 6–8 months Administrative Data
vaccination cards and immunization clinic records household survey maternal recall
Conflict in coverage rate of different sources
14 Ríos-Blancas MJ. et al 2016 Mexico Hypertension treatment The prevalence of hypertension
Physical examination in national health survey biomarkers
self-report of antihypertensive treatment Statistical methods
two-step least squares method (MC2E) was used using instrumental variables (VI) instrumental variables
One of leading causes of death Burden of Disease
15 Luo H. et al. [27] 2016 Cameroon programs on adequacy of folate and vitamin B-12 intake Normative Women children 12–59 months National Health Surveys Biomarkers evaluated the baseline prevalence of inadequate intake and biochemical deficiency of these nutrients analysis of blood specimens High inadequate rates of folate and vitamin B-12 intake
16 Ramke J. et al. [36] 2017 20 countries Cataract surgery number of people having operable cataract number of people with operated cataract Biomarker presenting visual acuity in the operated eye leading cause of blindness globally
17 Guerrero-Nunez S. et al. [33] 2017 Chile Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 control diabetic patients prevalence rate diabetic patients participating in the health control program Biomarker
Percentage of patients in metabolic control [HbA1c < 7%], according to the prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 at the national and regional level
morbidity and mortality rate guaranteed pathologies
18 Nguhiu PK. et al. [23] 2017 kenya Maternal and child health interventions
Family planning services
Functional antenatal services
Skilled delivery and perinatal care
Breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life
Immunization services
Management of diarrhea
Care seeking for acute respiratory illness and/or fever
Use of insecticide-treated nets
Normative National Health Surveys Administrative data Content of care The recommendations of the Commission on Information and Accountability for Women and Children’s Health Report based on their relevance to national priorities Availability of data
  1. Bold entries in three strategy categories: main strategies