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Table 2 Location of patient medicines helpline services within NHS Trusts in England

From: Operating a patient medicines helpline: a survey study exploring current practice in England using the RE-AIM evaluation framework

Location of the helpline service within the NHS Trust Percentage of NHS Trusts providing their helpline from the specified locationa
Medicines Information Centre 87% (97/112)
General clinical pharmacy services 13% (15/112)
Dispensary 4% (5/112)
Specialist clinical pharmacy services 4% (4/112)
  1. Note. Nine Trusts reported that their helpline service was provided by more than one location within the NHS Trust (8%), which is why the total exceeds 100%
  2. aNumbers in parentheses show the actual numbers of NHS Trusts that reported providing their helpline from the specified location, out of the total number of NHS Trusts which reported providing access to a helpline and answered this survey question