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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Reducing wait time from referral to first visit for community outpatient services may contribute to better health outcomes: a systematic review

  Inclusion Exclusion
Participants • Clients/patients referred to and waiting for ambulatory or community health services. • People waiting for:
Mental health/addiction services
Specialist medical services (eg. surgery, diagnostic services, radiotherapy etc).
Inpatient treatment
Case management services
Intervention or independent variable • Waiting for an ambulatory/ community allied health/therapy service. • Time spent in the waiting room/ED
• Delay in seeking treatment
• Factors associated with access to service not related to waiting (for example location /cost /knowledge /attitudes/insurance status /culture)
• Studies with co-interventions. Eg Early intervention program involving high intensity treatment vs usual care.
Comparison • People who waited vs people who didn’t wait for the same service
• Comparison of outcomes cohorts of people who waited for different amounts of time for the same service
• Comparisons of different protocols to determine the optimum timing of a treatment
• Studies without comparative data.
Outcomes • Quality of care (safety, effectiveness, patient satisfaction)
• Clinical outcomes
• Satisfaction with care
• Service targets/outcomes/financial.
• Patients/clients never seen/denied service through waiting
• People who drop off the list having
• waited/FTA
• Drop out rate/non attendance/completion of program in terms of attendance
• Satisfaction related to service processes
Publication type • Journal articles
• Qualitative and quantitative
• Peer reviewed, with data
• Case series
• Published in English
• Conference papers/abstracts/thesis
• Book chapters
• Editorials/Opinion
• Case study
• Review