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Table 1 Terms used for search

From: Reducing wait time from referral to first visit for community outpatient services may contribute to better health outcomes: a systematic review

P- People with a health condition, referred to an ambulatory and/or community service

I and O-Intervention and Outcome combined as per matrix

Ambulatory care or ambulatory services

Outpatient clinics

Community service*

Community health

Subacute or “sub acute”

Allied health


Developmental delay


Occupational therap*


Physical therap*

Speech pathology or speech language pathology



Social work

Chronic disease

Wait adj5 impact

Wait adj5 consequence

Wait adj5 effect

Wait adj5 outcome

Delay* adj5 impact

Delay* adj5 consequence

Delay* adj5 effect

Delay* adj outcome

Access adj5 impact

Access adj5 consequence

Access adj5 effect

Access adj5 outcome

“response time” adj5 impact

“response time” adj5 consequence

“response time” adj5 effect

“response time” adj5 outcome

“time to treatment” adj5 impact

“time to treatment” adj5 consequence

“time to treatment” adj5 effect

“time to treatment” adj5 outcome

Timely adj5 impact

Timely adj5 consequence

Timely adj5 effect

Timely adj5 outcome

“P” terms combined with “or” in medline yielded 1,867,226

“I and O” terms combined with “or” yielded 7756 articles (medline)

“P” combined with “I and O” using “or” yielded 750 in medline.

Same strategy applied through Embase, Psych Info and CINAHL yielded 3186

With duplicates removed, final number of articles considered- 2327

  1. *signifies the search uses the word stem to find variations