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Table 7 The guide questions for interview (translated from Chinese)

From: Understanding how to improve physicians’ paradigms for prescribing antibiotics by using a conceptual design framework: a qualitative study

1) When did you graduate, and what was your main subject in medical school?
2) For what types of diseases do you prescribe antibiotics in the CHCS?
3) How do you diagnose these diseases?
4) How do you decide if patients need antibiotic treatment?
5) What kinds of antibiotics do you use to treat these diseases?
6) How do you select antibiotics, and what kind of knowledge do you need to master the rational use of antibiotics?
7) Which processes do you feel are important for your rational use of antibiotics during diagnosis, treatment, and choosing and prescribing antibiotics? What competence do you need for it?
8) What aspects do you feel confident in, and what aspects do you feel you need additional learning to prescribe antibiotics?
9) What guidelines do you use when prescribing antibiotics?
10) What kind of learning method would you prefer if we developed an AR application for use on your smart phone?
11) There are many ways and different media to show the learning content. Which ones are your favorites?