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Table 6 Coding examples of expectations of AR and respondents

From: Understanding how to improve physicians’ paradigms for prescribing antibiotics by using a conceptual design framework: a qualitative study

Category Sub-category Respondentsa Coding example
Not mentioned Suggestions
AR learning environments Affectively oriented P2–3,5-6,8 P1,7,9–11 Positive It would be more impressive if you show the whole process of design making to physicians. It needs to be developed and studied by people such as you. (P11)
Perceptually oriented P3,6–7,9–10 P1–2, 5, 8,11 Positive It may also be necessary for some animation to demonstrate the surgical process, inflammatory response, and immune response in treatment of the bacteria with antibiotic.(P2)
Symbolically oriented P7, P10–11 P1–3,8 Positive We understand better through reading a text. (P8)
P5–6,9 Negative It is boring to read text, and we do not see the anatomy clearly which makes it hard to remember. (P5)
Behaviorally oriented P2,5–9,11 P10 Positive All are ok; the key is that you need time to develop. Then we can simulate. (P10)
P1,3 Negative I think that it is certainly not possible for us to use it for practical hands-on skill. (P3)
AR learning activities   P3–4,8 P1–2,5-7,9–11   It would be better if it had a certain search function similar to in English-Chinese dictionary…I can search classification of antibiotics and diseases…For example, If I know it is a Staphylococcus aureus infection, I can search for these bacteria, and which drugs that can effectively kill the bacteria and if there are corresponding tests etc. (P2)
AR learning assets   P4,10 P1–3,9 Text for new antibiotics, guideline Now we certainly need some training on new drugs and for what indications it should be used and what the contraindications are. This is a weakness because of our CHCS… I like text. (P3)
P2,5,7–9 3D for AMR and infection 3D is certainly better, especially if you use dynamic 3D AR to show the mechanism of how antibiotics work….(P7)
P1–2,6,11 Multimedia for competence For learning, we need more training on diagnostics ability including improving our comprehensive knowledge … I think that video, pictures and text can be combined together to enhance learning. (P6).
  1. aP4 reported she did not care for any kind of learning environment and had no idea for the learning activities