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Table 2 Training and background of the respondents

From: Understanding how to improve physicians’ paradigms for prescribing antibiotics by using a conceptual design framework: a qualitative study

Interviewee CHCS Role in CHCS Gender Graduated Learning Subjecta
P1 A Internist Female 2008 Internal medicine
P2 B Surgeon Male 2012 Clinical medicine
P3 A Dentist Female 1995 Oral medicine
P4 B GP Female Unassigned GP
P5 A Internist Male 1993 Clinical medicine
P6 C Chronic disease management Female 2008 Clinical medicine
P7 A Surgeon Female 2004 Clinical medicine
P8 C Chronic disease management Female 2007 Clinical medicine
P9 C GP Male 1998 Community medicine
P10 A Pediatrician Female 1984 Clinical medicine
P11 A Internist Female 2008 Clinical medicine
  1. aLearning subject was reported by the physicians