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Table 1 Overview of the recommended preventive measures of the periodic health examination in Austria sorted by age group

From: Participants’ expectations and experiences with periodic health examinations in Austria - a qualitative study

Target Disease Screening Test Advice
From the age of 18
 Alcohol consumption AUDIT questionnaire
Determination of Gamma-GT value
Weaning advice, referral to specialized treatment for alcoholism
 Diabetes mellitus Family history, blood sugar from the vein or fingertip (First Stage Test), possible repetition of the test; oral glucose tolerance test (Second Stage)  
 Glaucoma Risk group identification with increased risk referred to ophthalmologist  
 Hypertension Blood pressure measurement (average of two measurements while sitting)  
 Lipid metabolism disorders Total cholesterol / HDL cholesterol quotient, triglyceride determination  
 Malignant melanoma Risk group identification by means of anamnesis, skin inspection of altered skin areas Persuade patients to perform self-screening, referral to dermatologist
 Periodontal disease Questionnaire on periodontal disease, oral cavity inspection Consultation on dental and oral hygiene, referral to periodontics-oriented dentist / physician
 Tobacco / nicotine consumption Survey of smoking status by means of the Five A’s survey Weaning counseling (Five A’s; motivational impulses, assignment to specialized weaning facility)
 Overweight / Obesity BMI, waist circumference Dietary recommendations, advice on physical activity supported by behavioural techniques
 Cervical cancer (Family) medical history, PAP smear Advice on PAP smear, assignment to specialist in gynecology
 (not described in detail) Urine strip test (leucocytes, protein, glucose, nitrite, urobilinogen, blood)  
 (not described in detail) Red blood count in women  
 (not described in detail)   Counseling session to motivate regular physical activity in everyday life
From the age of 45
 Breast cancer Family history Advice on early detection mammography
From the age of 50
 Colorectal carcinoma FOBT, colonoscopy every 10 years Advice on FOBT and colonoscopy, referral to medical specialist
 Prostate cancer   Advice on benefits or lack of benefit or harm to PSA screening, referral to urologist / urologist
From the age of 65
 Hearing loss Questions about hearing loss, whispering test Referral to ENT specialist for second-stage diagnosis
 Age-related visual impairment Questions about eyesight deterioration & regular eye examination Referral to specialist examination
  1. AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, BMI body mass index, FOBT Fecal Occult Blood Test, GT glutamyl transpeptidase, HDL high-density lipoprotein, ENT glands, nasal ears, PAP Papanicolaou, PSA Prostate Specific Antigen
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