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Table 4 Codes in coding tree in relation to the care pathway management

From: Multidisciplinary first-day consultation accelerates diagnostic procedures and throughput times of patients in a head-and-neck cancer care pathway, a mixed method study

Coding tree Code Code description Frequency
Care pathway Intake Referral 1 Suspicion ‘malignity’ at intake not sufficient 9
Patient related 2 Waiting on family home caregiver 3
3 Co-morbid or complex patient 9
Diagnostic procedures and logistics Throughput time 6 More attention to cooperation between disciplines to combine patient appointments 6
13 Control/logistics control lies with gate specialist or ‘core specialist’ 6
8 Treatment of dental foci under anaesthesia 2
Waiting time 17 Waiting time Radiology 3
18 Waiting time Nuclear Medicine 2
Treatment and planning Preparation 4 For pre-surgery assessment the treatment must be known, that is possible when staging of tumour is ready 3
Choice 14 Choice for treatment on basis of general health assessment 1
12 Scientific Research increases number of hospital visits 2
Planning 5 Planning reconstruction costs extra time 5
7 Planning capacity operation centre versus ‘examination under anaesthesia’- scopy 5
11 Reconciliation of patient on chemo-radiotherapy 8
Standardizing 16 Unclear starting moment waiting time chemo-radiotherapy, separate standard ‘Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiotherapie en Oncologie’ (Dutch Association Radiotherapy and Oncology) 3
Case Management Diagnostic procedures and treatment Transfer 10 Transfer of ‘core specialism’ 1
Information 9 No management information on throughput times in electronic patient dossier 3
15 No standard patient tracking system 4
Registration 19 Registration information not clear 1
Total quotations 37 76
  1. This coding tree has major and minor themes that were derived from the primary research question (intervention in management of the care pathway) and minor themes derived during coding