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Table 2 CFIR Constructs by Domain Specific to LS Screening to be Assessed in Stakeholder Interviews

From: Implementing universal Lynch syndrome screening (IMPULSS): protocol for a multi-site study to identify strategies to implement, adapt, and sustain genomic medicine programs in different organizational contexts

CFIR Domain CFIR Constructs Specific to LS Screening
Intervention Characteristics Adaptability of LS screening to local context
Perceived difficulty implementing LS screening
Cost to the organization associated with screening
Outer Setting Patient needs and resources
Competitive pressure to implement screening
Impact of external policies on organization
Inner Setting Organization structure
Perceived organizational priority to implement
Implementation climate in organization
Characteristics of Individuals LS knowledge and beliefs, perceptions of evidence
Individual readiness to implement screening
Self-efficacy to complete actions in screening
Implementation Process Planning process to implement LS screening
Champions, opinion leaders, and other stakeholders
Tracking and feedback processes for LS screening