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Table 1 Thirteen translated Neuro-QoL adult item banks

From: Simplified Chinese translation of 13 adult item banks from the Quality of Life in Neurological Disorders (Neuro-QoL)

English Simplified Chinese Number of Items in Each Bank
Upper Extremity Function (fine motor, ADL) 上肢功能(精细活动、日常生活活动能力) 20
Lower Extremity Function (mobility) 下肢功能(移动能力) 19
Fatigue 疲劳 19
Sleep Disturbance 睡眠紊乱 8
Depression 抑郁 24
Anxiety 焦虑 21
Stigma 歧视 24
Positive Affect and Well-being 积极情感和幸福感 23
Emotional and Behavioral Dyscontrol 情绪和行为失控 18
Cognitive Function 认知功能 28
Communication 交流 5
Ability to Participate in Social Roles and Activities 参与社会角色和活动的能力 45
Satisfaction with Social Roles and Activities 社会角色和社会活动的满意度 45