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Table 3 Causes of albumin and pantoprazole disapproval within the intervention period

From: Clinical and economical impacts of guideline implementation by the pharmaceutical care unit for high cost medications in a referral teaching hospital

Albumin Pantoprazole
Cause of disapproval Number (%) Cause of disapproval Number (%)
Management of edema in patients with serum albumin level above 2 g/dL 73 (24.58) Ability to tolerate an oral PPI 246 (53.02)
A component of parenteral nutrition 59 (19.87) Presence of only one minor risk factor for stress-related mucosal damage prophylaxis 115 (24.78)
Monotherapy of edema without a loop diuretic 36 (12.12) Treatment of acute pancreatitis 29 (6.25)
Therapeutic paracentesis with ascitic fluid removal less than 5 L 21 (7.07) Treatment of acute cholangitis or cholecystitis 21 (4.53)
Monotherapy of hepatorenal syndrome without a vasoactive agent 17 (5.72) Gastric and/or pancreas cancer 17 (3.66)
Prolonged prevention (more than 2 weeks) of cerebral vasospasm in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage 11 (3.7) Lower GI obstruction or bleeding 15 (3.23)
Non-ARDS condition 3 (1.01) Non-refractory (mild) dyspepsia 9 (1.94)
Others (no specific explanation) 42 (14.14) Others (no specific explanation) 12 (2.59)
  1. ARDS Acute respiratory distress syndrome, PPI Proton pump inhibitor, GI Gastrointestinal