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Table 1 Characteristics of four health systems

From: Evaluating diverse electronic consultation programs with a common framework

Name Geographic area Type of organization Patient population served annually Type of electronic consultation and/or referral system Year implemented Technology platform
Champlain BASE eConsult service Eastern Ontario Community with non-affiliated PCP and specialist practices 1.3 million independent electronic consultation system 2009 proof of concept; 2011 spread Microsoft Sharepoint collaboration space on private web network
Mayo Clinic Campuses in Rochester, MN; Scottsdale AZ; and Jacksonville, FL Integrated academic medical center 1.3 million parallel electronic consultation and referral systems 2008 embedded into enterprise-wide EMR
San Francisco Health Network San Francisco, California urban safety-net with affiliated PCPs and specialists 100,000 integrated electronic consultation and referral system 2005 pilot; 2007 spread software application that is embedded with the hospital EMR but not all ambulatory EMRs
Veterans Administration United States Integrated public system 6 million parallel electronic consultation and referral systems 2011 embedded into enterprise-wide EMR