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Table 1 The concrete targets for change for primary care practices and staff with the implementation of HeLP-Diabetes

From: Developing an implementation strategy for a digital health intervention: an example in routine healthcare

Practice targets:
• To adopt HeLP-Diabetes as an additional service for their patients with T2DM,
• Provide resources (time, healthcare professionals, and space) to allow staff to offer the intervention to patients
Healthcare professional targets:
Behaviours additional to normal practice were required to:
• Recommend HeLP-Diabetes to patients during routine appointments
• Register patients (or assist patients to register) to use HeLP-Diabetes, either within routine appointments or at a separate time
• Facilitate patient use of HeLP-Diabetes through a facilitation appointment where key features of HeLP-Diabetes are shown to patients by staff
• Encourage ongoing use of HeLP-Diabetes in patients by discussing use in subsequent appointments.