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Table 3 Themes and subthemes identified in the data

From: Organizational conditions for engagement in quality and safety improvement: a longitudinal qualitative study of community pharmacies

Themes Description
Doing improvement The process of quality and safety
 Contemplating change Thinking about / discussing whether change is needed
 Preparing for change Thinking about / discussing what would be needed to bring about change
  Behavioural intention The formation of behavioural intentions
  Implementation intention The formation of implementation intentions
 Implementing change Executing behavioural and/or implementation intentions, and reviewing their effects
Facilitating improvement What helps or hinders quality and safety improvement?
 Prioritisation Making quality sand safety improvement a priority relative to other objectives (e.g. productivity)
 Involvement How much involvement staff members and managers have in improvement
 Relationships How well the staff and managers work together (e.g. hierarchy gradient; communication)
 Knowledge Having access to knowledge about quality and safety issues, and how to address them