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Table 2 Groups interviewed and methods

From: The challenges of institutionalizing community-level social accountability mechanisms for health and nutrition: a qualitative study in Odisha, India

Community members entitled to ICDS and NHM services
 Pregnant women and mothers of below 2 years old children Focus Group Discussions (n = 12) (ie 1 per community) 92 individual participants in the FGDs
Frontline health and social workers
 ASHAs Semi-structured interviews (n = 12)
 Anganwadi Workers Semi-structured interviews (n = 12)
Representatives of community-level groups
 Jaanch Committee Semi-structured interviews (n = 12)
 Mothers Committee Semi-structured interviews (n = 12)
 Gaon Kaliani Samity (GKS) Semi-structured interviews (n = 12)
 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Focus Group Discussions (n = 12) 109 individual participants in the FGDs