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Table 8 Professional care providers level of education in the category Outpatient care facilities

From: Dementia care and service systems – a mapping system tested in nine Swedish municipalities

   ISCED level 7: Master’s or equivalent, vocational ISCED level 6:
Bachelor’s or equivalent, vocational
ISCED level 5: Short-cycle tertiary education, vocational ISCED level 4:
non-tertiary, vocational
ISCED level 3:
Upper secondary, vocational
Outpatient clinic specific for dementia diseases: Outpatient clinic in primary health care or in hospital, including care by physicians and nurses specialized in dementia. 1      
2 GP RN-distr    
3 GP RN-dem    
7 GP RN, RN-dem, RN-psych, OT    
8   RN-distr,    
Specialized team in primary care A team specifically for people with dementia with different professionals; medical doctors, registered nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapist and licensed practical nurses. 1 GP, Psychologist RN-distr, OT    
2 GP RN-distr    
3   RN, RN-dem    
6 GP RN   LPN  
8 GP RN, RN-dem, OT    
9 GP OT    
  1. ISCED International Standard Classification of Education
  2. For abbreviations of professional titles and qualifications, see Table 2